Wyga Bokarel 9.06.89- 18.11.06

Our interest in this unique breed has started from this one. She turned to be such a friendly, gaily and inteligent creature, so she has soon won ours and our friend`s heards. Later we realized that this friendly-minded to the whole world Wyga, is not a typical sznaucer - generally the guardian instinct dominates in them and they need a lot of time to treat new people as family friends. Now Wyguœ is already 14 years old - as a nestor, she is in a good condition and when the younger ones teases her, she bears it with a great dignity. She considers herself as the heard`s leader and she thinks that by the virtue of her age and status, the armchair belongs to her.


Blotka Noran, Champion Pl, 17.05.94

The foundation of our breed. She has always given robust, healthy offsprings. These of her children, who are presented on shows, achieve great success. She is not eager to make new acquaintances, distrustful to other people, devoted to the household members, faithful and willing to caresses and having fun.


Czardasz Gagatek, Champion Pl, 13 x CWC, 2 x CACIB, 3 x resCACIB, 3 x BOB, 17.08.98- 22.10.01

The son of Blotka and one of the best Polish Reproductor, famous Interchampion Basko Dor-Hal. She made an instant show career for himself. Always perfect, never came in farther than in third position. Very gaily, indefatigable initiatior of playing with dogs and children. He was friendly -minded to the whole world, he treated the others with moderate distrustfulness - he had all the virtues for which we love this wonderful breed. He gave us many wonderful moments in his short life.

Pedigree, show results


Ungaria Chatka Brodacza, 22.09.01 - Una

Champion Pl

The daughter of Czardasz and Asela Chatka Brodacza. Sweet, lovely girl



Prompt Panther ze Zahrabske, 24.01.02

Interchampion, Junior Champion Pl,
Champion Pl, 6 x CACIB, children of Pimpek

Our Pimpek, from the well-known Czechs breed "Ze Zahrabske" of Monika Jurcowska, the son of interchampion Bria ze Zahrabske and interchampion Benamor de Verorich ( very titled reproductor from Spain, from De Verorich kennel, now the proud of the Swedish breeding. He is the best Una`s fellow :-)



Neska - Łaskawaja Lejdi Iz Newskiej Trojki , 3.08.2003,
Champion Pl,Junior Champion Pl,
3xCACIB, 2 x resCACIB
- our first black schnauzer-lady



Kacper Gagatek 19.04.06 r

Koral Gagatek 19.04.06 r

Happy Gagatek (Asta) 6.08.04 r.

Gateway Enter Gagatek, 12.12.03r, Champion Pl, CACIB , 3xresCACIB

Dudi Gagatek (Misza), Champion Pl

Drops Gagatek

Elton Gagatek, 12.09.01 r., Junior Champion Pl

Enrico Gagatek , Champion Pl, Champion Hu, Champion Czech (w przyg.), Interchampion (w przyg.) 2x resCACIB, 5 x CACIB

Everdi Gagatek

Frodo Gagatek, 15.08.03 r.-Junior Champion Pl, Champion Pl, 2 x CACIB

Satir znad Ilanki, 1.06.03 r., (Prompt Panther ze Zahrabske, Sarabanda z Jamna)-Junior Champion Pl, Champion Pl.

Szatan znad Ilanki,

Uno Chatka Brodacza (Czardasz Gagatek, Asela Chatka Brodacza)- Champion Pl

Valentina Sentyment (Prompt Panther ze Zahrabske, Aira od Kobyliho Potoka)