Not big (45-50 cm tall), a strong, square shaped dog, with a big, strong head, characteristic moustache and beard, and a unique colouring - pepper and salt.

Schnauzer is a cheerful, initiative dog with a perfect psyche. Inteligence and willingness to play with others, prudence and temperament being in balance, love for children and natural willingness to take care for them - there are characteristic features of this breed.

At the same time, it is a perfect sportsman, eagerly putting itself to the training - owing to braveness, agility and a unique skilfulness to jump, it does not easily give in in any competition considered to utilitarian breeds. These features and a middle size, make schnauzera perfect company dog.

However it have to be remembered, that schnauzer has a strong personality, it is always present in family life and it does not allow itself to be treated as a decorative motive - it is necessary to give it a lot of attention and it needs consistency in breeding during all the time of its development.

Characteristic short coat should be trimmed, and 2-3 times a year cut - owing to that treatment it will keep good quality - so to the owner`s benefit, the dog does not moult and does not leave its fur at home.

Generally schnauzer is a healthy dog, it is rarely sick..On the dog`s show, you can often see 12-13 years old dogs in a perfect condition who can easily compete with considerably younger ones. .